Bumb’INGOMSO (BI) is a 5yr HIV prevention project (2017-2021) Financed by KfW through DGMT aimed to substantially reducethe incidence of HIV/AIDS among AGYW 15-29yrs in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality as well as selected areas of Amathole District Municipality of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa.

BI Project Objectives

  • Achieve positive change in risk behaviour
  • To increase the uptake of combined preventative and curative health services for HIV,STI and TB
  • To strengthen the self-efficacy especially of young women

Bumb’INGOMSO (BI) has a multifaceted approach combining biomedical, behavioral, social and economic interventions to address drivers of HIV infections. There are different partners that are implementing BI interventions.

Beyond Zero is contracted to support interventions on Health Care services. These interventions include:

  • Health Interventions targeted at 15-29 year old young women and girls (Boys of the same age not excluded)
  • High Risk groups comprised of sexworkers and  men (25-50yrs)


Health Intervention is covering 100% health facilities in BCMHD and 90% of selected facilities (22) in ADM (Mnquma and Amahlathi), all the catchment communities linked to these health care facilities, high schools and tertiary institutions. BCM primary health care facilities are rolling out adolescent and youth friendly services with each having a champ nurse providing services to young people during Happy Hour (dedicated time for young people). Health clubs which are groups of young people are established to retain young women in the programme and are linked to health facilities and a champ nurse.They meet once a month and are a good platform to share information with young people and to get feedback.They initiate own programmes to support their communities

HRG Intervention

The Beyond Zero/ Bumb’ingomso high-risk intervention program focuses on sex workers and Men as high risk group.

Sexworker Programme

The programme aims to improve sex worker experience of health service delivery and utilization in targeted health facilities identified by sexworkers. Approach to service delivery is through utilization of peer sexworkers and outreach to sexworker hotspot areas, providing biomedical and psychosocial support services. Biomedical services include screening for HIV,TB ,STI ,pregnancy, mental health and Covid 19. Family planning, condom distribution, information dissemination on STI,TB,Covid 19 ,HIV and adherence to treatment is rendered on site. All positive sexworkers are linked to health care facilities of their choice, all health care facilities are sensitized on sexwork to reduce stigma and discrimation


High Risk Group Men

HRG programme focus on men aged 25-50 years old, inmates, ex-inmates and men having sex with men in BCMM and parts of Amathole. The programme aims to reduce HIV incidence from high risk groups to adolescent girls and women aged 15-29 years through behaviour modification on men, promote a health seeking behaviour amongst men of the target population and increase advocacy against gender based violence through community mobilization.

The HRG programme is rendered in 10 health care facilities in BCMM and 10 in Amathole, also through an outreach programme in communities using a mobile truck for men.

For inmates programme is rolled out in East London and Mdantsane correctional centres 3 days a week.

Services includes information sharing, health screening services (HIV, STI, TB, Prostate), community dialogues ,establishment of support groups