Supply Chain Management Support

Pharmacy Support

BZ provided technical assistance to DOH staff on adherence to Good Pharmacy Practise (GPP), trained staff on pharmacovigilance, forecasting and ordering of drugs, disposing of expired stock. A total of 76 Pharmacy Assistant were successfully trained and registered with the SA Pharmacy Council as Post Basic Pharmacy Assistants.

Assessment of DOH sites on compliance with GPP was conducted to identify gaps towards improvement of DOH sites and getting sites accredited for training of PAs. Non-compliant sites DOH sites were supported through procurement of refrigerators, air conditioners, shelving, security gates, printing of required reference material such as SAMF, updating of SOPs.

PEPFAR-supported partner Beyond Zero has identified gaps to adverse drug reaction reporting and pharmacovigilance and has responded by providing training and mentoring as well as tools required to assist with voluntary reporting of ADRs. Mentoring staff at 321 primary health care facilities on how to complete the adverse drug reaction form as well as providing ADR forms and written clinical tools and guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Side Effects and Drug Interactions in Adults and Paediatrics to the same facilities.

Clinical Laboratory Interface / Laboratory Support

A number of SAG facilities were reached on clinical laboratory interface support through BZ facility based technical assistance.BZ laboratory technicians provided in-service training and mentoring to DOH staff on: forecasting and timeline ordering; training on infection control, phlebotomy, recording and storage of laboratory samples; management and disposal of hazardous waste; results management; assessment of compliance to turnaround time and the roll out of the RTQII programme to all facilities across all supported districts. This included assisting in training and monitoring implementation of the Internal Quality Control (IQC) and EQA processes at facility level.

BZ teams conducted pilot site baseline assessments using the Stepwise Process for Improving the quality of HIV Rapid Testing (SPI-RT) checklist to assess facilities’ proficiency testing (PT) readiness prior to distribution of the EQA samples to the pilot sites. Each facility was scored on the eligibility for certification as a HIV testing site and NICD provided a comprehensive report to each district on the performance of their pilot facilities.

Pharmacy Support

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