HIMS and M+E Support Services

Beyond Zero in line with SAG mandate provided technical assistance to all supported facilities in Eastern Cape and KZN during the hybrid award to promote use of data; support training of facility staff on using the DHIS,and Tier.net, provide on-site mentorship to facility staff in development of CQI programs and data utilization

Beyond Zero supported improvement of data quality and management at facility level by training and mentoring DOH data capturers on DHIS, DHMIS Policy and Tier.net. Direct service staff was employed on a short term contract to prepare facilities for sign-off on phase 6 of Tier.net. Preparation activities of facilities for sign-off included filing of ART patient standard clinical records, data cleaning, back capturing and clinicians update registers as well as complete and sign SCRs. Table 3 shows the number of health facilities signed-off on Tier.net by supported district.


Beyond Zero promoted data quality improvement and use for management purposes at facility level by training and mentoring facility managers on data recording, data verification processes, proper implementation of DHMIS policy, visualization and interpretation of data. Tools to monitor data management processes were developed and implemented periodically; these included CQI which was implemented on quarterly basis, data audits and weekly data monitoring tool.

Public Health Clinics in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa, have long been faced with numerous challenges that have largely contributed to a lack of efficiency in the area of service delivery. One such crucial area has been ineffective patient filing and record keeping systems. Beyond Zero responded to the call of the provincial Department of Health (DoH) by developing and rolling out a patient medical record system at 60 facilities of Amatole that the DOH lauded as a key time saver that has greatly improved the quality of patient care and effectively unblocked bottlenecks created as a result of proper record keeping. Added to this has been the procurement of 248 steel cabinets for storage of 24,000 files. This has ensured that proper record keeping is maintained at clinics and has positively impacted on the turnaround time as clinical staff are able to attend to patients within a short time.

Development of a Primary Health Record System

Transforming Data Management


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