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Amendments to the Global Fund Grant


Amendment # 2 dated 18th February 2019
1. Revised application form
Kindly take note on the revisions made on the application form.
# Page 1 – with the revised date i.e, 22-February-2019
# Page 2 – point # 1.9, SWORN Affidavit added
# Page 11 – Insert focal area

Amendment # 1 dated 12th February 2019
1. Change of dates for briefing sessions
Kindly take note of the latest schedule below for the briefing sessions in Eastern Cape; Free State and Limpopo provinces.

2. Kindly take note of the publication date of the SR RFA as the 7 th February 2019


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Global Fund Grant February 2019

Module 1: Prevention Programs for Adolescent and youth, In and out of School.
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Module 2: Comprehensive Prevention Programs for Men who have sex with other men
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Module 3: Comprehensive Prevention Programs for Transgender people
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Module 4 : Community Response and Systems
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