Community System Strengthening



Beyond Zero community facility systems strengthening started from March 2013 in the EC (Amathole, Sarah Baartman, NMM and BCMM).Beyond Zero contracted 2 subrecipients in rolling out the project,KuLuvuyo and Ukhamba. The project was aimed at increasing the number of patients, especially children and women provided with HIV & AIDS, TB and STI care, treatment and support. Activities implemented included:

  • Strengthening and support of community based comprehensive health services, community awareness and increased demand and accountability for health services.
  • Supporting activities/ practices aimed to Eliminate Mother to Child Transmission (EMTCT) of HIV and strengthening overall maternal and child health in allocated districts
  • Supporting treatment services for HIV infected children and adolescents.
  • Strengthening community based screening for TB especially in HIV-infected individuals, improving use of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT), improving house hold infection control measures, supporting adherence to TB management and to strengthen the recording and reporting of data and statistics related to TB infection and control.
  • Strengthen linkages and communication between facilities and theirs patients, external stakeholders for example, CBOs and other government departments, to ensure timely clinical action on return of laboratory results, community health support and facilitate address of social determinants of health.

Implementation strategy has been in support of PHC Re-engineering, strengthening functionality of WBOT teams for sustainability of the programme, introducing community entry/ feedback activities with multisectoral collaboration, mapping of CBOs and strengthening linkages and functionality within WBOTs and facilities to a fully functional community engagement model and functioning WBOTs supported by the community gate keepers, CBOs, their facilities and other government sectors. Community gatekeepers are respected members of the community capacitated in different programmes to support their communities and do referrals.

Mode of delivery for activities has been through household visits, community dialogues, Imbizos,outreach services and linkage with health services. Beyond Zero has been requested by the respective districts to support non communicable diseases programme to promote comprehensive community health services. Services rendered included:

  • Health education on healthy lifestyles.
  • Screening for NCD, e.g. Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and Asthma.
  • Referral for early diagnosis and management for all suspect clients.
  • Tracing of NCD treatment defaulters
  • On – going treatment Adherence counselling

Strengthening quality and Monitoring of community health service data has been done through weekly ,monthly and quarterly reports compiled from WBOTS activities ,trainings for CBOs and DOH CHW.

Mode of delivery for activities outlined below:

BCC Outreach

UFH Outreach

Sports Day

Highway Outreach

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